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MacGowen’s Ghost by Cindy Miles

April 16, 2009

MacGowan’s Ghost by Cindy Miles

It’s Hard to leave the past behind when it keeps coming back to haunt you…

Odin’s Thumb Inn and Pub may be owned by brooding Highlander Gabe MacGowan, but it is actually run by a crew of ornery ghosts, who aren’t eager for their home to undergo a change in management. Gabe intends to sell the pub not only to give his son a more stable environment but to escape what really haunts him – his wife’s death.

Leave it to fun-loving American Allie Morgan to come to Gabe’s rescue. Hired to oust the sneaky spirits, who are chasing away potential buyers of the inn, Allie winds up winning the hearts of everyone in the Scottish seaside village, including those of the ghost of a sea captain and Gabe himself. Now all she has to do is find a way to help the sexy Highlander chase away his own ghosts.

I had dished the first two books Miles published while at d&D, click here for Spirited Away and here for Into Thin Air . As you can tell, I really enjoyed Spirited but had a few problems with Into. I never did pick up the third book Highland Knight, but only because it never was stocked at my local Wally World or the out of town bookstore I frequent, or else I probably would have read it. Anyway…

MacGowan’s was a bit different from the previous two Miles books I had read, as it’s not actually a ghost or other supernatural entity that is the hero, rather Gabe, the hero is haunted by the ghost of his late wife and also has a group of ghosties that have been a part of his life and that of the towns for as long as they can remember. As he’s wanting to sale his pub, and the local ghosties don’t want him and his son to leave, he hires Allie to get them to leave, or at least behave until he can find a buyer.

But as soon as Allie arrives she is immediately charmed by the lot of ghosties as well as the pub, the town and Gabe. Soon though, Allie understands that it isn’t any undead soul that may need mending as much as it is Gabe’s.

I have to say, that I really did enjoy the story, as Miles is a strong storyteller, and she weaves her stories well. BUT, I missed the medieval aspect. I missed the ghost getting the girl and becoming real. While I hate to discourage an author from going out and trying something different, I was fairly disappointed that the ghosts seemed to be mere ghosts in getting Gabe and Allie together.

Am I sorry I read it? Absolutely not. I found myself once again transported by Miles’ strong characters and realistic dialogue. Miles is skilled with the written word and a great addition to any Romance readers shelves.

Am I glad that the next book out will be more of the Miles I had come to enjoy? You bet! If only we could go back to the cutesie covers!

For a chuckle or two, and some down right heartwarming moments, I say grab MacGowan’s Ghost. I think you’ll be glad you did!

Take Care


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