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Shoots to Kill by Kate Collins

April 16, 2009

*Quick note: This review is done from an ARC, so the BCC or any other mentions may be slightly different from the official book*

Shoots to Kill by Kate Collins

Last I heard, being a five-foot-two, green-eyed redhead wasn’t a crime. But that’s precisely why I, Abby Knight, was yanked out of my Corvette by a state trooper, handcuffed, and thrown in jail.

This isn’t your average case of mistaken identity.

Eight years ago Abby babysat Elizabeth Blume, a teen who seemed intent on making Abby’s life miserable. Elizabeth imitated Abby’s dress, pored over her diary, and sabotaged her love life. Now Elizabeth is back in New Chapel, and she soon adopts a new look: Abby’s. Elizabeth, now going by Libby, copies Abby’s entire life – she even drives a bright yellow car and opens a nearly identical shop. But when Libby comes between Abby and her boyfriend, Marco, imitation becomes the sincerest form of trouble, and that’s before Abby is accused of murder. Is Abby’s devious double the real killer? Or is there a more sinister suspect in town who’s using them both to cover his evil crime?

Back in my d&D days, I “reviewed” (can I even say that’s what I do?) two of the books in this series. Click here to read those first, and then come back for this! Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Do you see a pattern in those posts? Ya know, kind of that I ADORE these books and Abby Knight? Or maybe you could see that I want to live in New Chapel and work in Bloomers? Or perhaps you noticed that I think Kate Collins ROCKS OUT LOUD?! Let me just say, all of that is true and even more so now that I’ve read the latest in this series!

Kate Collins has truly outdone herself in Shoots! You’ve all heard about identity theft, right? You know, when some one steals your social security number and ruins your credit while living high on the hog?

Well, forget identity theft. In Shoots, Abby is faced with the extreme version, which I have come to refer to as Life Theft. The last time Abby Knight saw Elizabeth Blume, she was an obnoxious pre-teen with a famous mother and slightly off-kilter wanna-be Army man brother. Elizabeth wasn’t just the run-of-the-mill annoying that most of those kids we used to babysit for were. No, Elizabeth wormed her way into dinner at Abby’s, Christmas and Birthday presents from the Knights, Abby’s brothers refered to her as the other little sister, she read her diary – and wrote entries in it as Abby! – and broke into Abby’s locker and humiliated her. Boy, was Abby ever glad to see the last of that brat.

But Elizabeth is back, and she wants a job at Bloomers. But when Abby says “NO Thanks” Elizabeth isn’t quite happy. Before Abby can blink, Elizabeth is now Libby, driving a car like Abby’s, hiring Marco, charming her dear friends and staff, stealing her mother’s “art” from Abby’s shop, and out and out making herself into a clone of Abby.

To Abby’s dismay, she’s the only one who sees it at first! When Abby loses her boyfriend (I nearly CRIED people, that is how close I feel to these characters!) and then gets arrested for murder – of Delphi Blume, Libby’s super bitchy, uber famous mother, no less – she doesn’t care if anybody believes her, because she knows that things have gone too far and it’s time to act!

After all, Abby is great at righting the injustices of the world, it just so happens that this injustice happened to her! But, as Abby digs deeper and faces more danger, the questions mount, and this may just be the first time that justice is not served.

I’m telling you people, this book is by far THE BEST book in the series, and that’s saying something, because The Flower Shop Mystery series is stellar. In the review for the last book in the series, I said this – I also don’t know if I’ve just gotten really good, or if this mystery was an easy one to solve. I had it figured out really fast. Collins is good though, she almost had me changing my mind, and that was fun, but I stuck firm to my culprit and I was right. Well, mostly right, my motives were a bit off. – and I think Collins took it as a personal challenge, because I was guessing until the very end.

Filled with laugh out loud moments, an amazing mystery, fantastic sub-plot, and all the great people that live in New Chapel, SHOOTS TO KILL is one book you do not want to miss.

Cozy Mystery Fan? Clear your schedule and get thyself to the book store when they open August 5. You’ll want your copy of this great book and you’ll want to find a spot where you can read uninterrupted, trust me, this one is a page turner.

Never read cozy mysteries? Get thyself to the book store now so that you can buy the first books in this fabulous series. Then, no one will be able to stop you from waiting at the door on release day.

Take Care

P.S. While blog hopping, be sure to check out Kate’s joint blog, The Cozy Chicks: Cozy Up To Some Killer Books , it’s a great blog written by some great authors!


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