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Who Is Novel Reads?

That is the question I think we all would like answered, yes? Well, the truth is I hate this part of any blog or social network site. This is where we have to decide who we are and then tell the world the parts we think they want to hear. Hmmmm, I suddenly have The Who singing in my head, “Whooooooooo are you? Who, who? Who, who? I really wanna know!”

I’ll stick to basics I guess (and don’t think the basics include my weight, that is something only me and God will ever know!). I am a stay-at-home mother of two great kids. Bear is ten and Miss Beautiful is seven. They are smart, strong willed little buggers. Bear keeps me busy with his various sports–Swimming in the summer (competitively, and he’s quite good!), football in the Fall, and Basketball in the winter. He’s also a very big Reader and dyslexic, so we read a lot together. Miss Beautiful keeps me busy, but not with sports. Miss Beautiful while quite capable of being athletic, is not. She plays hard, swims a lot, but refuses to race and though she likes to get downright dirty in her play, she immediately wants to be cleaned up and back in Princess Attire. She is my diva and sweetheart, and boy does she know it. She’s also an avid reader, but likes to do most of that on her own. Though occasionally she’ll include me in whatever book she’s devouring.

I am married to a wonderful man, known here as The Hubs. We’ll have been married eleven years this year and he is a constant source of love and faith.

I am an avid Reader, and like Bear, I’m mildly dyslexic. I read across genre and am always looking for more great books and debut authors. I love talking about books, but not many in my small town are readers and so this blog was born, simply so I can talk about and share the books I love.

I am a writer. I don’t do that as much as I’d like, but see above about the two great kids. I’m busy!

I also love to crochet, scrapbook, and be outdoors. I’m also very active in the schools PTO. This year, I am in charge of fundraising all of the $30+ thousand dollars we need to help the teachers and students have a great year.

That’s it. That’s me, Charity, aka Novel Reads. Nice to meetcha. Hope you stick around for a while!

Take Care

One Comment
  1. Hi Charity. I was wondering if I could send you a copy of my upcoming (10/26 release date) novel, HIGHBORN, for review. I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but I can’t seem to get the FAQ page to open. The Universe seems to be poking at my computer this morning.

    Thank you!

    Yvonne Navarro

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